The Mission of Inner Peace Publications is as follows:

IPP is a publishing house focused on various publications related to the spiritual work A Course in Miracles. The founders of the publishing company will devote themselves to rendering as faithfully as possible the message of love which was channeled from Jesus to Helen Schucman and which was recorded by her in collaboration with William Thetford. Such was the origin of the spiritual book A Course in Miracles.

The publisher addresses itself specifically to publications in book form or other materials, with the purpose of supporting the students, and possibly also people who are newly discovering A Course in Miracles. In this fashion the publisher hopes to be helpful in the learning process — the process of awakening — of the many students of A Course in Miracles who already are around worldwide at the present time, and whose numbers will most likely grow in the coming years.

The founders of the publishing house devote their every effort to perform all of their tasks, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit or Jesus – the inner teacher of A Course In Miracles.This in the full realization that only based on inner guidance can anything be realized in the world, and only in this manner we can be truly helpful.



A word about “A Course in MiraclesA Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a book that was channeled through an American woman, Helen Schucman. This took place in the 1960s in the United States. Helen Schucman worked as a psychologist at a university in New York City. The dictation that she heard over a period of seven years (between 1965 and 1972) was recorded by her and typed out in collaboration with her colleague William Thetford. This became the book A Course in Miracles, which was published in the United States in 1976 and subsequently translated into many languages. The Dutch translation appeared in 1999.

The book comes from Jesus. He transmitted it to Helen Schucman, and she wrote down what she heard. That took place in the form of an inner dictation. She wrote everything down exactly as she heard it and as it was given her by Jesus. Jesus transmitted the book to her as a document that treats the subject of love. It is about how we can return to our reality, which is love.

A Course in Miracles is a book for self-study. It contains three sections. The first part, the Text, offers a description of the theory of the Course and all concepts contained in it. This part is an exposition of the thought system of the Course. A grasp of that thought system is indispensable to getting what the Course is about and where the path leads. It is the theoretical foundation of the path of the Course. It is necessary to study this when you go this path; you cannot do it without reading the Text.

The second part is the Workbook. It contains 365 lessons—one for every day of the year—and is intended for practicing and applying what you have read in the Text. In this fashion, you can apply the material in the practice of your daily life and use it. What matters is the practical application of the Course and forgiving what you encounter on your way. The Course is a very practical path; it is not a theoretical path. For that reason, the Workbook is very important, and it is essential that you practice it when you follow the path of the Course. Without the Workbook, the Course is not complete and you cannot go the path. Therefore, it is necessary to do the Workbook and apply it in your life, and to view everything as a classroom where you learn to forgive. That is the goal.

The third part is the Manual for Teachers. This part offers a synopsis of the most important points from the Text and Workbook. In addition, it offers guidelines for those who teach the Course and have students who are studying it. The Manual for Teachers is meant for advanced students, who already grasp the foundation of the Course. They are teachers of God because, by their forgiveness, they are able to extend love in the world. That is their function and that is what they do, under the guidance of Jesus. Jesus is their teacher, who works with them. They work under his guidance, and not of their own power. Because of that, their function is blessed and they can be active in the world in the service of God and their brothers.

After the dictation of the Course had been completed, two supplements were dictated to Helen Schucman. The titles are: Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice; and The Song of Prayer: Prayer, Forgiveness and Healing. These were published in a separate booklet, which has been translated into Dutch with the title: ”Aanvullingen op Een cursus in wonderen.”
These two texts were published after the Course had appeared and serve as a supplement to the material of the Course itself. As the title already indicates, they are intended as a supplement, not an introduction, to the Course. Accordingly, you are best served to read them after you already know the Course and are conversant with the concepts in it. They contain material about the subjects specified in their titles.

The English edition, A Course in Miracles, is published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. The Dutch translation, Een cursus in wonderen, is published by Ankh-Hermes (http:www.ankh-hermes.nl).

From: Awakening in Love, Margot Krikhaar Awakening in Love, Amazon, Kindle edition.





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