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Margot Krikhaar

Margot Krikhaar was born in Australia, but when she was only three years old the family moved to Holland, the birthplace of her parents. She grew up in a small village in the province of Limburg and later lived in various places in Holland. After studying Dutch, she had several professions (including editor with a publisher of children’s books, editor of travel guides, and assistant to a works council) and was a counselor and trainer in her own practice. She always experienced her life as a learning process and a path of development. Her search led her to start painting, which put her in touch with deeper emotional layers of herself. That in turn led her to undergo several courses of therapy, both as an individual and in groups. On the basis of her own experiences, she decided to start guiding others in their transformation process. The path of development that she took was not only a search for herself, but also for God. The need to turn inward and for spirituality grew steadily. She became acquainted with various forms and approaches and got inspiration from them all. When finally A Course in Miracles showed up in her life, she knew intuitively that this was her spiritual path and that Jesus was her teacher. The Course has since become her most important guide and inspiration. Margot Krikhaar was active until 2011 as a teacher of A Course in Miracles. Because of illness, she has stopped her teaching activities. Her first book, this one, was published (in Dutch) in 2010. She has coached year-long groups, has given lectures, and has held workshops and retreats. Information about her work can be found at the . There are also numerous other supporting study materials and various articles by Margot about Course-related topics. Articles written by Margot are now also available in English on her website.

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