Awakening In Love

Awakening In Love


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An English translation of Ontwaken in liefde is currently in preparation with the title Awakening In Love, The Spiritual Path Of A Course In Miracles, which is based on the spiritual path of A Course In Miracles.

The translation is in good hands with Rogier Fentener van Vlissingen as the translator, with proofreading assistance of Lenore Dittmar. They are doing a great job in respecting the original words of the author, Margot Krikhaar.
We are very thankful that the translation of this beautiful, helpful book has now been made possible. In one of her diary entries on her website, Margot recently wrote that it suddenly dawned on her that the book is being translated in New York City, where Rogier lives – the same city in which the Course was given to Helen and Bill. She found beautiful symbolism in the idea that Awakening in Love has now landed on that same spot, the birthplace of the Course.

You also can read some of Rogier’s reflections on the book and the translation process on his ACIM & Abraham blog page:


Two short fragments from the book Awakening In Love, the Foreword and the Introduction (in their entirety), follow:


When I was nine years old, I was given a diary. I thought it a great present and started to write in it immediately. After that first diary, many others would follow: books with and without locks, notebooks with colorful covers, gray and green ones. In these diaries, I described what happened in my life, but primarily I wrote about what occupied my mind and what I felt. I wrote about my anger and my pain, my hopes and my failures, my questions and the answers that came. And when A Course in Miracles crossed my path – some nine years ago today– I began writing about my process and what I encountered along the way. Forgiveness lessons great and small, fears and resistance, the inner guidance that I received again and again: all of that I entrusted to paper.
I saved all those diaries, even though at that time they apparently were not meant for any other eyes but my own. However, things took a different turn. This book could never have been written without all those notes. They were a valuable source of information for me to gain an overview of the journey I had made and which I describe in this book.
This journey led me back to love, to God. After experiencing a burnout in 2006, my process of spiritual awakening accelerated. My inner teacher, Jesus, took me along with him and eventually led me to the ‘real world,’ the term the Course uses for ‘awakening,’ or ‘enlightenment.’


This book is a signpost to go the path of the Course. It is meant to make the path easier to follow. By reading this book, you will more readily recognize the things you encounter and, because of that, have an easier time handling them.

This book is meant to support you, shore you up, and bolster you. It can help you recognize in what direction to look for the solutions to your problems. There is but one solution, and it is always to be found in God.
Therefore, the book is about God. One could also say it is about love, the love that is within you and the love that you are. We have forgotten that, and that is not God’s Will. God’s Will is that we remember Him.
The essence of the Course is that it leads us back to our memory of God and of who we really are. Love! It is about love, and love is the way we walk. We walk that path together. Jesus goes with us. We do not need to do it alone. Jesus is our friend and guide. He asks you to establish a very personal relationship with him so that he can help you and guide you along.
 I lay this book and the journey we take together in his hands, trusting that he will safely lead each and every one of us home. Home to our Father, with God. There where we long to be and where we are in reality, and from where we have never been away.


The book will be released as an e-book, especially for the English market.

So when it is ready, you will be able to download the book on this website.

Information about the progress of the book will be posted regularly on this website.

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