Mission Statement

The Mission of Inner Peace Publications is as follows:

IPP is a publishing house focused on various publications related to the spiritual work A Course in Miracles. The founders of the publishing company will devote themselves to rendering as faithfully as possible the message of love which was channeled from Jesus to Helen Schucman and which was recorded by her in collaboration with William Thetford. Such was the origin of the spiritual book A Course in Miracles.

The publisher addresses itself specifically to publications in book form or other materials, with the purpose of supporting the students, and possibly also people who are newly discovering A Course in Miracles. In this fashion the publisher hopes to be helpful in the learning process — the process of awakening — of the many students of A Course in Miracles who already are around worldwide at the present time, and whose numbers will most likely grow in the coming years.

The founders of the publishing house devote their every effort to perform all of their tasks, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit or Jesus – the inner teacher of A Course In Miracles. This in the full realization that only based on inner guidance can anything be realized in the world, and only in this manner we can be truly helpful.

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